Our Ethos

Independent Artist making record to get airplay and exposure.

Sunshine Music iRadio is a new internet radio station that has a love of all types of music! Sunshine Music iRadio are dedicated to giving bands, singers, DJ's and independent artists more exposure and airplay!

Someone who likes the Sunshine Music iRadio Station Ethos.

Our Vision

Sunshine Music iRadio DJ sharing our vision with listeners.

At Sunshine Music iRadio, we want to give our listeners more of a say in how the station is run and the content it outputs, after all, without you we are nothing! We want you to feel like you're part of Sunshine Music iRadio as much as us!

Fan enjoying our vision listening to Radio Station Sunshine Music iRadio

Our Mission

Our mission at Online Radio Station Sunshine Music iRadio

We want to make our station interactive, listener friendly and as accessible to as many as possible! A common Spanish expression which we really like "mi casa es su casa" which when translated, literally means "make yourself at home"

Radio Station Sunshine Music iRadio Good Vibes is our mission.

Listen to Radio online anywhere!

You can literally listen to radio online anywhere, whatever you're doing with Sunshine Music iRadio! Learn more about the ways you can listen to us by clicking the link below