Submit music

Our guidelines for music submission for airplay are very simple to follow

  • WAV File

  • MP3 file - 320kbps only

  • Below this quality tracks Will be rejected!

  • Track Metadata correct

  • Artwork included

  • Clean Radio Edits

The best way to send music to us is through WeTransfer or Dropbox, we also accept from Google Drive too. The email address that you should use to send it on WeTransfer or Dropbox is below


Email Address


Email Address


For those not sure what Metadata is, it is the tags used in a music file to display Artist, Track, Album & other details. We at least need Artist, Track & Genre details.


If you have an IRSC code, it is the artist's responsibility to ensure that is included in the Metadata for the track, not the station's.

Artwork for each track should be at least 600x600 up to a max of 1024x1024 and under 2MB.


If artwork is not supplied or incorrect size, it will not be displayed on our player and our station logo will be displayed advertising us instead!